Frequency Asked Questions

How to List/Buy/sell on

Is there a fee for listing on

Listing on is FREE.

What do I register as?

Both persons as well as business entities can register as Buyer/Seller or Service Providers.

What is a Buy Lead?

A “Buy Lead” is a request for quotation (RFQ) posted by buyers looking for what they want.

For whom are the Buy-Leads meant ?

All registered sellers and service providers can purchase BUY LEAD/RFQand then offer, negotiate and sell to the buyer(s) in Buy Lead/RFQ

Who can sell on ?

Selling: Only paid members/sellers/services providers are allowed to sell through the marketplace. Paid members can Place their ‘Offer for Sale’/OFS on the marketplace

What is “Paid Membership”?

Paid membership on allows you to post a certain number of products and services with images and offer for sale. You can choose from a range of business plans and become a paid member by choosing and paying for a Business Plan.

What are the advertising options on to promote business ?

There are various advertising options to choose from. Please visit the advertising page to know your options.

What are the payment mode & currency offers online payment facilities through its payment gateway, PayPal. All Buy Leads, Business Plans and Advertising Options are billed in USD. Indian person & business entity will pay in INR equivalent to USD. All foreign persons & business entities pay in USD. If your bank’s currency is not USD, (U.S. Dollar), then the amount may vary based on the prevailing exchange rates.

Do buyers, sellers, service providers have to provide transaction feedback?

All buyers, sellers and service providers are required to provide mandatory feedback of all successful transactions within 15 days of the transaction.

When do payments become due?

Sellers/Service provid ers will not incur any charges until they purchase Buy Lead, Business Plan or Advertising Options.

What is marketplace fee

• Seller/Service provider must pay a marketplace fee of 2%, 3%, 5% & 10% of the unit price/ invoice value as applicable on Each & Every successful business transaction facilitated through or its owner company Blue Caravan Commodities Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi, India, through SWIFT in our bank account or online

All buyers/sellers/service providers are responsible for any risk and payment of processing fee or any taxes charged as applicable when they chose online payment gateway/debit or credit card.

Please write to us for any other information by clicking on help.