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Ennoble IP For Trademark II Patents II Designs II Copyright

$ 30

I am writing this on behalf of Ennoble IP, We are a company known for providing high quality Intellectual Property Solutions ( PATENTS, TRADEMARKS, COPYRIGHT & DESIGNS ). We have been in this business for 7 years and can proudly say that we have grown our client-base because of our constant drive to meet the clients' needs. Our Head Office is in Noida, U.P. and we have 5 other offices spread all over major states in the country. Ennoble IP has served around 500+ SMEs and 500+ Start-ups & 50+ Universities. We are also associated with many government bodies and associations such as MSME-DI, Ph.D. Chamber, FISME, MAIT, I am SMEs of India etc, several major companies across the country. Few of them are Adani’s, Havells, Sukam, Orient, Kent Etc. You may also know more about our company and services by logging on to our website: . To explain the need and importance with the implementation process requests you to provide a suitable time to meet/call you.


Trade and supplychain finance

We are registered NBFC offering Smart financing options such as working capital, trading and raw material finance for Agri SMEs across India. It was incorporated in 2016 and currently working with 1100+SMEs and 110+ suppliers and having a book value of over 1000+cr We clearly understand the intricacies involved in agri-trade and how a delayed payment cycle affects Suppliers. Keeping this in mind we have devised India’s first collaborative financing instruments for agri commodity suppliers and traders. Our Instruments work on a partnership model where we have a joint venture with our partner suppliers and we offer them trade finance to execute a trade. This can help our partner suppliers in expanding their business upto 3X. Benefit of partnering with us We clearly add a lot of value for our partner suppliers, especially small to medium level suppliers . We give our partners an excess of 2 crores of unsecured working capital. We guarantee at least a minimum of 25% of business increment over your current level. Our partners can save upto 6% in raw material procurement through our network. We help our partners in marketing and lead generation. We already have a large in-house marketing team. We offer handholding support for our partners in expanding their business upto 3X in 24 months. We closely work with our partners, and can provide them with management and technical consultancy if required.


Testing of Agri Products and Food

Mitra S.K. Private Limited (MSK) is an 80 years old independent inspection and testing company with laboratories accredited by International certification bodies. As a company we are present in more than 14 countries across the globe. Accreditations by International certification bodies, and appreciations from customers, testify to quality standards and ensure that Mitra SK certifications are accepted globally. MSK undertakes Inspection, Sampling & Assay of Minerals, Metals, Coal & Coke, Fertilizers, Food, Water & Environmental parameters. Under the Food Division, we provide our services to food processing industries, Agricultural businesses, Oil manufacturers, Corporate canteens, traders and retailers to ensure their products are free from bacterial, toxic and harmful physical and chemical contaminants for human consumption. Certification and Accreditation MSK Laboratory has various International & National accreditation, certifications & recognition •Accredited to National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) •Certified by International Organization for Standards (ISO 9001:2015) •Certified by Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard  (OSHAS) •Notified by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) •Approved by APEDA •Accredited by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) •Recognized by SFDA •MSK is a member of International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) •MSK is ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified MSK Laboratory is equipped with the highly sophisticated instruments including the LC-MS/MS and RT-PCR.  Facilities for Food & Water Testing Food: ?Physical Parameters ?Microbiological evaluation of different Pathogens ?Food Additives (Permitted and Non-permitted) ?Pesticide residue, minerals, trace elements, heavy metals, Antibiotic residues, Naturally occurring toxic substances, other Crop Contaminants like Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, etc. ?Vitamins, Cholesterol, Fatty acid profile ?Other Parameters as per FSSAI standards (Qualitative parameters) ?Food Nutritional Labeling ? Shelf Life analysis- Real time and Accelerated Water: ?Drinking water as per IS:10500 - 2012 standard ?Packaged Drinking Water as per IS:14543 - 2016 standard ?Natural Mineral Water as per IS:13428 standard ?Dialysis/ RO water as per AAMI standard for hospitals Facilities for Laboratory Outsourcing: Contractual deployment of Trained personnel like Microbiologist & Hygiene Officer, Laboratory Chemist, Laboratory Assistant in various Hotels/manufacturing units.


Testing, Inspection and Certification


NMCI Group is a leading service provider of Shipment Supervisions, Pre-shipment Inspections, Verifications, Marine Surveys, Third Party Inspections, Laboratory Testing, Audits & Certifications, Trainings, Quality Control & Quality Assurance Services throughout the world. We pride ourselves in our vigorous participation in the dynamic international trade by our global presence and providing verification and various value-added services to various industries, including Agriculture & Food, Maritime, Minerals & Chemicals, Petroleum, Automotive and Environmental, Power, Oil & Gas.


Freight Forwarding

Our company is one of the global market leaders of the international logistics industry, specializing in providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source. About 6500 of our agents worldwide are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customers' expectation. We transport goods and merchandise to an agreed destination at an agreed delivery time and price. Our comprehensive Customs Clearance and Customs Brokerage service frees our esteemed clientele from any bureaucratic hassles the cloud emerge at customs.


Epoxy flooring applicators

35/sqft onwards

EPOXY/PU/ ESD FLOORING APPLICATORS IN INDIA We are one of the leading Epoxy and PU flooring applicators in India with sophisticated facilities and experienced applicators for applying and laying world-class Epoxy & PU flooring. Most suitable for Pharmaceutical / Food / Industries, Warehouses, and Hospitals. The foremost benefits from using the Epoxy coating / flooring because it is Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial (including Pseudomonas, Aeruginosa, Asperger Niger Chollerapyrenoidosa, Pseudomonas Putida, Penicillin Mineoluteum, Anabaena cylindrical Proteusvulgaries, Fusarium Solani, Escherichiacoli, Geotricum Candidum, to name a few). It is also Anti-fungal, limits organism growth, resists molds growth used in places with high standards for keeping the floors sterile and sanitized It is easy to clean with chemicals also can be fumigated for maintaining hygiene. Pest and insect-proof (ants, white ants, termites, etc….). Forms joint-less flooring (monolithic) homogeneous flooring. Non-dusting thus easy to maintain easy cleanable/Hygienic. Some of the other benefits of using Epoxy/PU flooring include: • Durability Due to the heavy abrasion strength, Concrete floors utilizing epoxy flooring tend to last longer and are able to resist wear, thereby helping businesses to make considerable cost savings. • Strength After solidifying into a polymer, epoxy becomes very strong and is able to thwart chemical breakdown. • Quick Installation It is really quick to install thus helping to reduce the time for which production is to be stopped for installing the flooring. • Less maintenance The epoxy coating seals the concrete and is much easier to clean as well as maintain. • Safety Another important benefit of using these is that they have good resistance to slippage, hard impact, and excellent anti-skid properties, Anti-spark (fire resistant),Anti-static. which in turn helps to ensure the safety of the building and also of employees. • Brightness These flooring can have high gloss which reflects light and can improve lighting within any facility. • Define Work Zones Epoxy flooring provides safety attributes to designate safety zones, safe walkways, or material holding areas. contact me on : +91 9082571797 mail Id :


WHR Finance

Warehouse Receipt Finance for Business in Gujarat - ROI: 13.00% p.a - Processing Fees: 1.0% - Tenure: 6 months - Storage Commercials will be shared separately. - Finance up to 70% of Fair LTV (Loan to value commodity/crop wise and commodity rate - Fastest TAT- Same day 50% Finance, (Remaining finance after Quality check). - Warehouse Location: Junagadh, Gondal, Rajkot, Kadi, Unja - Commodities: Cotton, Groundnut, Oil Seeds, Cumin etc (except fruits & vegetables)


Collateral Free Post Shipment FInance

We are a fintech company focused on solving the working capital problem for Indian market SME exporters by leveraging data and technology. We are re-building core parts of international trade finance infrastructure to level the playing field for small businesses. Our Service offering is helping exporters grow their business 30% m-o-m. With our invoice factoring solution, SMEs receive 80% of their invoice value upfront at the click of a button. Why Invoice Factoring? 1. Offer flexible payment terms to your foreign buyers 2. Get a line of export credit over and above your bank’s credit facility 3. Maintain a positive cash-flow 4. Easier and faster access to working capital 5. Never wait for buyer payments 6. Reduce your dependence on bank loans Why Us? 1. Collateral free working capital Fund your exports growth using your foreign trade receivables. 2. Credit limit up to $2.5 Million Get post-shipment export credit line up to $2.5 million. 3. Competitive pricing Cost of export financing can be as low as 0.7% per month basis credit evaluation. 4. Paperless, swift, transparent Use our portal for faster fulfilment and end-to-end service


Post Shipment Finance

We are UK based trade finance company providing non-recourse collateral-free working capital funding to exporters against the credit worthiness of their international customers. Attached is the brochure which will give an overview of our company and the pricing module we operate on. We generally focus on the funding of buyers based in the USA / UK / Europe / HK / Singapore and UAE based on their credibility.


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